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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Honeywell HW2000I Portable Inverter Generator 2000 Watt

              Whether you'll need a power portable generator for emergency use or camping or fishing, Honeywell HW2000I is the most effective solution to the situation.
              This HW2000I is designed for emergency or recreational use best for hosting night party, camping, night fishing or simply a normal emergency backup portable power supply. This portable home inverter generator promise performance, efficient, quiet and sufficient capacity to all the above events.
              This high power 2000 Watt Honeywell HW2000I generator definitely able to offer power supply to TVs, computers, radios plus much more electrical appliances. If you are looking for a power generator to offer the optimal power supply, HW2000I definitely may be the answer to it designed for outdoor and indoor applications.
Honeywell HW2000I features:
Constant Power To Appliances
              Honeywell HW2000I portable home generator is build with 125cc, 4-stroke air engine that able to producing 2000 Watt of power. This powerhouse is CSA-listed, CARB-, and 50-state-compliant surely able to generate sufficient capacity to keep your important electrical appliances running in emergency or lights and laptops running during outdoor activities. This useful generator offer great help keeping in mind most electrical appliances systems up simultaneously or individually.
Quiet Inverter; Long-Lasting Operation Time
              Built with quiet inverters, Honeywell HW2000I portable generator provide power supply in quiet operation condition. Totally suited to night camping or night fishing activity. Dependent on gasoline and oil, this HW2000I full tank of 1.5 gallon capable of providing power for 5 hours - best for recreational needs. Measuring only of 62 pounds, this make Honeywell HW2000I generator easy to change position.
User Friendly and Safety Efficiently
              HW2000I is straightforward and friendly to make use of. Built with Smart Start function, starting up this portable inverter generator is nothing more simple than snapping your fingers. Indicator light on low-oil status assist trouble-free operation for this powerhouse. A safety overload protection indicator also built to keep the life-span of HW2000I longer. Low fuel consumption on Economy Mode minimizing the sounds.
Honeywell HW2000I Generator & Accessories:
              This Honeywell generator comes total in a package of 1 portable generator model HW2000I, plug wrench, oil drain pipe, oil fill container, screwdriver universal bit, screwdriver handle and operation manual.