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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Advantages of a Portable Inverter Generator

              Portable Inverter Generators can be found in a variety of sizes and wattage output, and are an idea for somebody who needs a highly portable power source, but does not desire a large and loud traditional generator. These smaller quieter portable inverter generators are perfect for camping, rv'ers, tailgating, and many other outdoor activities. Below I have described the 3 major advantages portable inverter generators offer anyone looking for a on the go source of power.
Good quality power in a portable package
              These newest generators combine parts of the engine and generator which allows for your smaller size and lighter weight then older traditional models. Also they produce reliable power, as you were plugging something in at home. Most
Higher fuel efficiency
              All Portable Inverter Generators automatically adjust the engine speed to produce only the amount of power that's needed. Whereas a traditional generator has to keep a steady 3600 RPM to produce the usable electricity. This means inverter generators can operate on almost 40% less fuel depending on the application form. And less fuel means less exhaust, great for the planet and your pocket.
Less Noise
              Portable Inverter generators quieter because they do not run at full speed all the time. Because they are controlled by a microprocessor then only output what is need at any given time. They are also constructed with sound dampening materials, to con troll the level of noise even when running at full speed/maximum load.
Can run in Parallel
              Most Inverter Generators can be combined with another identically sized unit to double your power capacity. So you don't have to stop trying power for portability, it's simple to have both.